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Open Source in Egypt

A couple of days ago .. i came by this Map. its about the Open Source Active territories in the world ..

So i thought, “No way i can see Egypt in there”, but to my amazement .. She ranks the 58th of 75.


Which is weird, cause i do live in Egypt, i am in the Computer Science Community, moreover i am quite a fan of open-source .. image

But still .. if you ask me to name an Egyptian company that has invested in OSS, i can only come up with OpenCraft with their contributions to Drupal and eSpace with their imagecontributions to Rails and may be there is some one out there who contributes to Joomla

That makes 3 or 4 say 10 companies .. where the heck did this 63 of 75 rank number came from ??!!

and do we have 25+ open-source community projects ? 😀

well we do have EGLUG .. حيث تأكل البطاريق الطعمية .. but that’s mainly a “Linux-is-cool” thing, well, its an activity, but i doubt that these numbers only came by having fans !

When you click on a country, you can see its overall rank among the 75 countries in the index, as well as its rank for Government, Industry, and Community factors. Government factors include open source procurement policies and support for open source. Industry factors include the number of registered OSS users per capita and internet growth. Community factors include the number of applications to the Google summer of code, native language support for GNU/Linux, and number of Internet users per capita.


That is the Google Summer of Code Students Map for 2008. you can see it heavily connected, every where away form egypt.


But we do have 3 contributors .. salute to them! .. 
i think that all of them are from Cairo University (Mostafa studies medicine !)..  “Way to go Ain-Shams!” ..


But none of them i knew personally .. “lucky them!” .. though its quite an annoying thought.

So lets do something about it..

We encourage you to explore, learn, then improve or build off the Open Source Index. This work is a resource and just the beginning. Analyze the results here or gather the data and change the construction. Whatever you do, share it with the rest of us.

So, throw links in the comments .. all the links you know about open source in Egypt. Projects, Blogs, People.

I will gather them all isA .. make an index .. and may be next year .. if they knew each other we will find 50 students contributing to GSoC.

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