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7 signs that you are an old developer

You know you are old when you..

Remember Floppy disks or WindowsMe

When you make jokes about Floppy disks that no one understands, because they never used one. Or talk about the days when all applications shared the same address space.

Still think about RAM as an expensive resource


when you find yourself thinking, this array will take up to 2MB. Is this too much? Now that the average laptop has 4GB of RAM and a browser consumes 1GB or RAM easily. you should not worry too much about 1 or 2 MB or RAM.

Even when you think about Disk I/O. Now that SSD disks are easier to come by,  developers worry less about writing too much to disk.

In fact, even without RAM and SSD. Virtualization and Cloud Computing allows you to throw hardware at your problems much easier and cheaper than we ever did before.


Cloud Scale-Up vs Scale-Out
Scale-out  by adding more small servers instead buying a larger one
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But still, according to Wirth’s law, soon you will find that your applications run slower over time. then your skills in optimizing stuff will prove worthy.

“software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster”

Have a book about MFC

When you find a book on your hard drive or bookshelf about a technology that died or nobody uses anymore (Perl, MFC, VB, ?)

Planed to learn Flash

Or when you find another book that you always planned to read about a technology that died, and you still did not get to read the book ..
You feel like “Thank God .. I don’t have time to learn WPF, SilverLight, Flash, SOAP”

Can’t learn new things


When you hit a new concept or language that you just can’t wrap your head around it. take Node.js, Hadoop
You just feel that you have no room in your brain and you have to forget something else – free(cpp_syntax); – in order to learn this new piece of information.

On a related issue. Excuse me, but I am supposed to understand this gibberish?

fib n = fibs !! n
        where fibs = 0 : 1 : next fibs
              next (a : t@(b:_)) = (a+b) : next t

The older you get, the less you get paid

This movie SUCKED!

The ultimate sad fact about our industry. You are too busy or too old to learn the new stuff. so you hire kids who know these stuff and pay them more that you earn even though they have no experience. Just because they know Mobile development or Knockout or whatever technology that is hyped now

Remember when you where the only one who knew ASP.Net?. Yes, You have been that overpaid kid once before .. so stop whining old man!”

No longer have interest in trolling

Remember when someone asked you “Java or C#?”, “Linux vs. Windows?” or the all time classic: “Open or Closed source?”
Remember how you could go for hours arguing which is better and why?

Now that you are old. if you are asked the same question. you will come up with a lame answer like “Each has its advantages” or “Why can’t we play together”

Now that we have a new language each month. we can sit back and watch the trolls

So which is better: Dart, GO, Clojure, CoffeeScript or TypeScript?

Tools I used in 2013

These are the tools I used in 2013 to get things done. They are apps I use almost everyday, and they are just awesome.

If you like power tools, check out Scott Hanselman’s Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows.

A picture is worth a thousand words, if you like the app’s icon, check it out.

Chrome Apps


Windows Store Apps



Android Apps

Content and Podcasts:


Interactive Lock Screens, keeps my daughter busy while I work:



This post was created with screenshots in 10 minutes thanks to LightShot. an awesome screen capture tool that hooks to the PrntScr key.