A Picture maybe worth a thousand words. But a video is not worth a thousand books!

Just watch

I used to think that because of YouTube and the million video tutorial out there, that I no longer have to read books.

To learn a new programming language syntax or a new technology, I could just search for a video and watch for an hour or two and I will be an expert.

I thought it will be the end of books.

How vs. Why

A step by step video can teach you how to create a website, but you will never understand how a browser works. and believe me any developer worth his salt should know how it works and why it works this way.

Give me a fish, I’ll eat for a day.
Teach me to fish, I will eat for a lifetime

Videos vs. School

Tutorials are a form of a non-interactive school. Schools have been around for centuries. They are a live person playing a video every day. teaching you, walking you through steps. still, no one thought that school made him need books less.

In fact, it is the other way around. You need a teacher to explain a book or ease your way through it, not the other way around.

I read blogs..

A book is worth a million blog posts

Since I got my android phone and had access to Pocket, I read lots and lots of blog posts. they are bite-sized, concentrated, engaging pieces of knowledge.

Two years and 3,000 blog posts later, I don’t feel any wiser. I remember the bites, but never felt like I ate the meal. Never felt full.

Blog posts are not always right. They are just musings, thoughts, summaries, and lots of crap. just like this post!

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Books vs. The Internet

Some would argue that anything that you can find in a book, can be found in blog posts or stackoverflow or just by googling it. So, go and collect every piece of information about the topic that you can find online. you will waste weeks of your time and you will end up with an untangled web of unrelated information.

Books are just curated knowledge, well written, organized and based on real experience.

If I have something valuable and useful, why would I give it to you for free! Why would I put my pearls of wisdom or years of experience in a blog post that I write @8AM while drinking my morning coffee? How would it even fit in a post?

It is my greatest intention to make stackoverflow.com highly complementary to these sorts of timeless, classic programming books. It is in no way, shape, or form meant as a replacement for them.

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