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.. So, in this post, i will try to figure out how PC^2 can get better .. by giving it some lousy competition 😀

.. Just add one to the power..

PC^3 is an open source, web-based Programming Contest Control System. [now you get why i was so biased in my previous post (6) 😀 ]

You can take a look at the Prototype here ..

The Bad stuff about PC^3:

  1. Still in alpha .. so if PC^2 started in 1988, may be we will use PC^3 to run the ACM-ICPC, in the year 2525.
  2. Web App.. relies on HTTP, still no matter what, Desktop apps and two-way communication have their charm.
  3. currently supports only (not cross-platform), but you are welcome to port it to Mono.
  4. Not Feature rich yet. (i think that’s why its open source 😀 .. we need your help 😀 .. etbara3 walaw be logo)
  5. .. you get to add ..

The Not-So-Bad stuff about PC^3:

  1. ZERO install is required on the contestants’ machines, just a browser.
  2. You can always fire up a backup machine to host the server .. copy the configuration folder .. give the contestants the new URL .. every one is happy.
  3. HTTP can get through your annoying university’s firewall.
  4. NOW .. you can actually have the scoreboard integrated with the client it self.. and not have to give every one the link in the clarifications.
  5. Its open-source .. so if you were a judge in some contest and no one submits .. and you got bored .. you can always fire VS and add some features and get to test it in a real contest .. you can, right ?.. no ?!
  6. Imagine all the features we can add .. I am posting a list to the blog soon isA.

so .. suggestions, contributions ?

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Those of you who ever have been to an acm contest, certainly do know great PC^2 (pronounced P-C-Squared).

PC^2 is simply the most reliable out there, not because its awesome, but because people everywhere rely on it to run their contests, especially that its the only one out there.

I am quite sad that I am writing this post, not only because no body is gonna read it, but also because PC^2 is related to some of the best memories on my days in the university, and now i have to criticize it a little bit. But i hope its for the best.

Since, to me, PC^2 does not seem to be jumping to the next curve, not to mention that it started out in 1988 and it is at its version 9 today!

Awesome things about PC^2:

  1. Tested heavily, man, every contest ever runs in the world runs on it.
  2. Cross-Platform, written in JAVA

Not-So-Awesome things about PC^2:

  1. Its in JAVA, the most speeding, Lightweight platform in the world.. oh wait! .. its not. (note: do take this point personally .. i hate java .. but who cares)
  2. Requires an always-on connection, That is just a dream in my university’s labs.
  3. Requires a separate installation on every single client and server, you need to install Java, MinGW, define environment variables, copy PC^2, Run it, Test it.
  4. Closed-Source, seems like Berkeley is more open than Sacramento.. guys .. open it up a bit .. California is dreaming of such a Wednesday.