Cola.. Shared Editing in Eclipse

i had a post in my draft talking about “Working together” continuing the (My Programming Experience) series

i was going to talk about SVN and Visual Source Safe and other Source Code Management tools (SCM)…
and LogMeIn and CrossLoop and Google Docs as collaboration tools ..

but ALLLLL my plans changed 5 minutes ago when i saw this post about GooglePlex and Ganymede the new Eclipse Release.

Cola: Real-Time Shared Editing from Mustafa K. Isik on Vimeo

because after a couple of clicks i found my self watching this video ..which you MUST see.. it is about Cola a new plugin built for Eclipse Communication framework (ECF)

i am downloading Ganymede now .. 😀


5 thoughts on “Cola.. Shared Editing in Eclipse

  1. @ Tecnoyotta
    a7san men el NetBeans beta3ak .. hah ? 😉

    @ Roaa
    yessss 😀 , bas fel a7’er kollo java 🙁

  2. To Jaqoup
    according to some language designers, JAVA and .Net are a problematic because every year the size of the framework increases (may be even doubles) then every time the user has to install it on his machine .. mmm .. well they got some point.
    and don’t please claim that java has a small memory footprint .. lool
    when the fix that .. mmm .. maybe i will reconsider it 😀

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