Exceptional Software, Explained: Embrace Error [OSCON2008]

i have tried to follow the O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention (OSCON) for a bit .. but since i am not very familiar with most of the names .. i lost my interest later..

until i seen a video by GreggPollack titled Oscon in 37 minutes where every speaker summarizes his talk in 30 seconds..

i will try to cover the most interesting talks -for me- later .. but for now .. i will start with most i liked

it was by Robert ‘r0ml‘ Lefkowitz about Exceptional Software..Explained you can watch the 30 seconds from the previously mentioned video here

[viddler id=ede9eafd&w=437&h=370]

i will quote what he said

one of the things we are trying to do is encourage large enterprises to adopt the open source practices..

difficulty that .. although we have open source practices .. we don’t have open source methodology..

large companies are used to methodologies like Rational Unified Process or the Microsoft Solutions Framework or SCRUM or eXtreme Programming .. that define “how it is that you go about it”

and there is NO open source methodology for HOW YOU DEFINE SOFTWARE ?

and then you think that “MAN .. this is going to get very boring” .. but you must watch the 30 seconds and then you will get why it is not .. especially that he presents a totally new methodology other than what we are used to

i have dug for the complete talk .. and found it here

the talk is extremely fun .. and very insightful

you can download most of the presentations from here

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