This is a list of Open Source contributions, Side projects, and Consulting projects that I worked on over time.

These are the ones that succeeded or were ever released. I have a much much longer list of failed projects.

2015 (6)


My first contribution to an existing open source project. The project allows you to automatically deploy changes once they are pushed to a Github repo.

Purpose: This pull request adds support for Continuous Deployment from BitBucket repositories.
Technology Stack: Python, Git webhooks, Continuous Deployment.



Purpose: Project Management, Task Management, Pomodoro, Productivity.
Technology Stack: Node.js, AngularJs, D3.js, MySQL, Bootstrap, Mocha.


Winners Visualization


Purpose: Visualize statistics by region.
Technology Stack: D3.js, CrossFilter, Leaflet.js, GeoJSON, Bootstrap, MySQL.


YbNAB: Your Business Needs a Budget

Purpose: Insightful reports for small businesses. Pulls your finances from YNAB
Technology Stack: D3.js, DC.js, Dropbox SDK, YNAB


Outlook Delayed Mail Plugin [Topcoder]

Purpose: Schedule outlook emails to be sent at later date.
Technology Stack: C#, MS Office SDK


Escaping 9am–5pm! Working with Geographically Distributed Teams

[slideshare id=46511636&doc=remote-150331161616-conversion-gate01]

Purpose: a talk I gave at an AgileEgypt Meetup about my experience running a distributed team


2014 (2)

How to work in sprints with Asana [Video Tutorial]


Tools for Remote Teams

a crowd-sourced list of tried and true tools to use while managing a remote or distributed team.


stayed tuned for more isA .. comments or questions are welcome 🙂 ..