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Hire these guys ..

I have worked with many developers. their performance always varies. but the ones who performed so well, had one or more of the following traits…


These traits or qualities are not related to development, not related to design, coding, or testing. they are just related to how they work. and they apply to any other field other than Software Engineering I guess.


The Doer / The Soldier

I guess doers are the best performers. they are people who can work on their own. They could be working on a very hard and complex problems with new technologies, and still achieve good results. They never stop growing and are always hungry for more.


How to spot a doer?

  1. He knows stuff that they don’t teach in college.
  2. his graduation project is very hard and complex. sometimes it is a research topic at the time he started it.
  3. He has a blog. because if you do something you are passionate about, you have to talk about it or you will explode!


The Hacker

A hacker is a guy who understands a system so well, that he can control it how he pleases. If you don’t know your tool, how can you expect to control it well.


Since I develop real-time systems, I really care about the following topics:


  1. Memory Management.
  2. Networks and Communication. basically, how data flows between systems.
  3. Threading.


And No. Knowing or reading about these topics is not enough. If you have not written a multi-threaded application, then you know nothing about threads. (Here is when the doer part kicks-in, a doer would have done a project that taught him these stuff)


But even if they are not real-time (or mission critical) systems. If a web developer does not understand the life cycle of the HTTP page that he sees when he types http://google.com in the address bar, then he is not worth his salt IMHO.


I like to work with software Engineers. not just guys who can write code!


The Mentor

A mentor is someone who has some knowledge, and cannot wait to spread it.


A mentor is not just someone who knows something. He/She is someone who communicates what he knows.


He knows. And everybody knows that he knows


You know that guy you always turn to when something is not working right? when you have questions? or you don’t know how to finish that task? The guy whom you know will know the answer? That is the mentor.