tools i use..

since you might be digging the internet for a notepad replacement or an explorer extension that makes searching files easier..

i thought to save u some bandwidth .. and tell you about some tools i like

most of these are Free Software. برامج حرة

Exploring, Navigation and GUI

    1. Launchy
      no need to Dig through Start>All Programs or fill the desktop with millions if files .. or look for Calc each time you need to add 55 + 78 …find your programs and run them in no time

    1. ClipX
      use Ctrl+Shift+V .. to paste stuff that you copied and overwritten .. like office Clipboard but cooler
    2. PowerMenu
      if you like HackIt .. you will love PM, send any window to System Tray, makes it transparent or On Top
    3. Rocket Dock
      Coolest app from the Mac World
    4. TeraCopy
      Copy, Pause, Cancel and Resume in Windows Explorer and On Lan, hundreds of files.

    1. StExBar
      adds a Toolbar in your Explorer, with some handy stuff (open ComandLine here, copy all pathes, copy names, rename all) .. extremely useful.

  • GrepWin
    if you are a Linux fan .. then u know grep .. and u also know that windows search is useless .. grepWin Lets you search inside files with a RegEx or for normal Text



No matter what you do .. u can never rely on that.. so i will mention NONE

Network and Chat

    1. FireFox
      u can see a cant be bias here

    1. eMule
      P2P file sharing program .. very configurable
      Image via


    1. Orbit / Free Download Manager

    1. CrossLoop
      may be slower than LogMeIn.. lets you share the desktop with your friend.. very helpfull for remote assistance

    1. Pidgin
      aside the fact that current GTK+ release on windows is extremely buggy, Pidgin is All In One Chat Client, very light, very cool .. simply you can have 2 Gtalk accounts + 1 yahoo + 3 MSN in one window, one program

    1. uTorrent
      the smallest of all, compared to its feature richness.

Firefox Addons

    1. Firebug
      helps you to analyze HTML, find problems with your website, debug javascript
    2. FireFTP .. obvious

    1. Foxmarks
      Sync your bookmarks across machines and even access them online
    2. FoxyProxy
      Proxy management, go TOR or any other Proxy in seconds

  1. QuickDrag
    Drag and Drop any link in a new background tab .. instead of Ctrl+Click every time
  2. Shareaholic Found something awesome and cant wait to pass it on ? share over GReader, digg or anyother..

  3. SpeedDial
    bookmarks in a smart way
  4. Sxipper Manages your passwords and fills-web forms .. extremely SMART

  5. TabMixPlus
    want to make your tabs at the bottom of the page , control ordering , force 1 instance of FF ?
  6. Zemanta a blogger ? .. u MUST try this

General Purpose

    1. Foxit Reader
      compared to Adobe reader ? .. this one should be rated (999/5)

  1. WordWeb
    aka Churchill, a compact Dictionary, with shourtcut keys , just select, press ALT+T and u see the meaning. the last version is wierd, but its free any way
  2. Notepad++
    take alook for yourself, it can replace Notpad interly by the way

Audio Vedio

    1. Winamp ..

    1. Audacity
      A Free, Cross-Platform Digital Audio Editor under GPL

    1. MediaCoder
      Convert from any thing to any thing.. another verygood OSS

Burners, ZipFiles

    1. InfraRecorder
      OpenSource Image Burner .. a free/Light Nero alternative and works great!
    2. Daemon Tools
      OpenSource, Simulates a CD from an image, much compact than PowerISO and VirtualCD

    1. 7-Zip
      Tired of the “your evaluation Copy expired” every time you open a zip file in WinRAR ?, 7-zip is the OpenSource alternative

Now to the best part

Development Tools

    1. pInvoke VS addon
      get the pinvok signature of any function from PInvoke.Net

    1. VisualAssistX
      Not Free, but simply addictive

    1. ProcessExplorer
      gives you every detail about any process in your system

    1. DependencyWalker
      Know what DLL’s your program loads.. know what symbols are exported by your DLL, TakeALook

  • TortoiseSVN
    Source Control Management .. if you are still makeing copies of your code and sending them through mail in zip files to your friends .. then you should start using SVN


  • CMake
    convert Makefiles into VS Solutions


  • WinMerge
    merge two code files or folders, see what changed , bla bla .. the best windows diff tool


i think that’s all.. you want to share a tool you like ? .. place it in the comments

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4 thoughts on “tools i use..

  1. That’s a nice list.
    I apparently use a lot of applications and tools to the extent I can’t pick my favorite ones :).
    But, here are some:
    1- Mozilla Prism: This one is awesome, it’s a lite version of firefox that is dedicated to web applications, so you can launch facebook, twitter, friendfeed, google docs or whatever like a stand-alone application without launching the whole browser. check it out :).
    2- Miro: The firefox of podcasts and media 🙂 , I wish I could use it more, but you know our internet conditions in here :D.
    3- SongBird: Firefox dedicated for audio (I’m a loyal firefox fan right? :D), It’s a browser too, it can discover media files within a page and download it. It supports extensions, so there exist extensions for tag clouds and iTunes like navigation, and support is coming up to the next version (currently a release candidate).

    Ok, that would be my list for now 🙂
    oh and by the way, Launchy now supports linux too.

  2. 1- yes, i tried Prism 3 days ago .. and it was simply awesome ..
    2- didn’t like songbird much because i missed Last.Fm support .. seems like that will change soon 😀 .. no .. i will get the RC now isA, even if i have to pull it from Repos
    3-about Launchy it was great news for me, i think it might replace Gnome Do as many ppl dislike mono .. not sure what i will use when am back to ubuntu

    thanks for the brief great list 😉

  3. great .. this means i spared you from searching Google Images 😀
    and hosting these images on your quota .. 😉
    now you owe me 843KBs 😛

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